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If you would prefer a direct copy paperback, please email the following address:

We can talk about how you can get your copies. Provide your name, postal address and which book/s you would like.

Ideally pay with PayPal.

The Asphodel – £12.99
A Nocturne for End Times – £8.99
Orbo and the Godhead – £10.99 The Cat and the House of Mirrors – £5.99
Mneme’s Stoned – £11.99

Plus postage. Signed copies can be requested at no extra charge.
Ships worldwide where available.

Head on over to the About page to
find out more about the author and his books . . .

Latest from the Blog

720 Hours Awake

720 Hours Awake  The Guinness World Records 2004 edition was my first induction into the world of insomnia. By that I mean my gradual problems with having an addictive personality, of wanting to stay awake all night, of wanting things to the point I could not then set them aside, might have actually stemmed from…

My interview with Sai Charan Paloju

Here’s a twenty minute conversation between Luke Delin and Sai Charan Paloju of Smart Cherry’s Thoughts fame. It’s all about books and why Luke has chosen the literary life and what he thinks it can do for us all. Get to know him and Sai, and drink a shot every time Luke looks/sounds awkward as…

Orbo and the Godhead 1st edition is out now

My new book is finally out. Cop a paperback here for nine quid. Available on all Godhead devices near you. FROM THE BLURB: ‘There’s no weirder family than the Moons. An inventor father in the White Water Ward, a Cristal chugging screenwriter mum, and three grown up kids all with their own various varicoloured forms…

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